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Jeff Donatello is the vibrant, never boring type of guest your Podcast fans won’t soon forget.

He is passionate about guiding people along life’s journey by improving their Healthspan and Longevity. He does this through cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine, Functional Medicine and Stem Cell Therapies.

Balancing life, family and business are what truly have made him a success as he wife Kelly are the Co-Owners of the Center for Wellbeing with three locations north of Boston and parents to 4 great kids.

An inspirational, entertaining speaker and author, he has filled up his 54 years on the planet with a relentless pursuit for new adventure and knowledge.

Owner & CEO of the

Center for Wellbeing

Interview Topics


Health Related

  1. Can humans live to 150 years? What suprised me the most about Longevity, Stem Cell Therapy and the one thing that makes all the difference.
  2. Why diets don’t work. Our Post-Covid shift and goals to help obese America get healthy.
  3. Fitness/Burnout and the ever present battle of keeping in shape over 50.
  4. 110 Triathlons Later…..Lessons learned from a Recovering Endurance Athlete. And why I have a Misogi every year.
  5. How the unregulated supplement industry can kill you. Why to avoid online ordering.
  6. Functional Medicine doctors are struggling financially and worse, Medical Doctors in the USA have the highest suicide rates among all professions. Why is this? Who is controlling this world.
  7. Exercise with Oxygen: Why I wrote the book.


Hypermax and Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

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Business Related

  1. The Post Covid Shift : How we rocketed from near “Covid/Shutdown induced bankruptsy to an eight-figure valuation 24 months.
  2. The three acronyms that changed our business forever: EOS-RPRS-GWC: Entrepreneurial Operating Systems, Right Person in the Right Seat and do our team members Get it, Want it and have the Capacity for it.
  3. How to thrive in business when you Co-Direct and own a company with the lady you married.
  4. From Country to City. Entering and attempting domination of a Big City Market (Boston) and what surprised me most in the attempted takeover.
  5. Not knowing KPI from ROI: No business classes to owning a 8 figure evaluation. What one medium taught me the most about what I know.

ODDS and ENDS of Jeff Donatello

There’s Always a Story…

1. Almost died on Mt. Kilimanjaro….And an Ice Volcano in Chile…And a four wheeler in Las Vegas

2. Shark cave diving in South Africa at the very worst time…

3. Sand boarded the Atacama Desert in Chile and only to find that the sand is harder than it looks

4. Owned a Triathlon that finished on a mountain summit with “the World’s Worst Weather.”

5. Hosted, produced and edited, “The Jeff Donatello Show” until…..

6. Published over 100 articles on outdoor adventure and fitness

7. Helped raise four productive young people who are now actively putting a dent in the universe

8. Traveled and ate his way through over fifty countries

"The majority of the wisdom you attain in life comes from two things. The people you meet and the books you read."

Dr Jeff Donatello’s Favorite Quote

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